Partner with one of our personal trainers to address your health barriers. Our personal trainers will utilize goal setting techniques, help you identify your obstacles, and be a support system.

Virtual Training Now Available

With Virtual Training you will receive the standard 3 sessions a month plus a check-in session for each training session to help you continue to meet your goals from home. You'll be able to choose from live training sessions to a workout routine prescribed by your trainer to do on your own time.

Individual - 30 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $45/session
*Month-to-Month: $80 base fee. $25/additional session

Individual - 60 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $60/session
*Month-to-Month: $125 base fee. $40/additional session

*NOTE: Minimum of 3 sessions/month. Additional sessions will be charged the per session rate and billed to the next month's draft.


Enhance Your Workout

The YMCA of Central New York is now offering At-Home Workout Kits so you can experience the benefits of the Y in the safety and comfort of your own home. Kits include: 

  • 1 Stability Ball & Pump
  • 1 Stability Ball Exercise Chart
  • 3 Versa Bands
  • 1 Resistance Band with Handle
  • 1 Jump Rope

Kits are available at your local branch for $50. Reserve yours here.


Upgrade your heart health awareness with a MyZone™ belt. This device is worn around your chest near your heart and will allow you to monitor your heart rate during your workouts more accurately than a wrist health tracker. When you're done, stop by one of the designated tracking stations to track your workout. You can also download the MyZone™ app to track workouts done outside the Y.

Belts and designated tracking stations are available at Downtown YMCA, North Area Family YMCA, Northwest Family YMCA, and Southwest YMCA. Stop by Member Services to get yours today!